Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blessed with Parenting...

Parenting... What does parenting mean?
Per me, It is the world's most challenging at the same time the most wonderful job; job of sculpturing a soul.

Parenting is a word that got added to my dictionary around three years back. A word that has changed my life. A word that has changed the life of a 25 year old free flowing girl to a STAY-AT-HOME mother. 

I must say 'my bundle of joy - my daughter' made me realize that life can be so beautiful. There is no happiness in the world that that can be bigger than being parent of a daughter and seeing her grow every moment.

My daughter is in pre-school and is about to start her formal school, and this gave me a moment to think about myself. I thought that I will create a virtual world for me, where I can smile, laugh, think, scream. See, what had I done to myself, when I was thinking of the first topic to write for the blog the first thing that had happily crossed my mind with a broad smile was Parenting...

Love you daughter, May the almighty gives you all the happiness & success in the world.

Also, wishing 'happy parenting' to each and every reader that is reading this and is already a parent or going to be a parent sometime.

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  1. Rajni Jain,
    A nice and cute blog about your feeling on your daughter.May god bless you and your family (Especially your KIdo)